Hear from 14 CTOs and Heads and Directors of Network Planning and Performance including:

Learn how to develop a cost-effective network optimisation strategy that radically improves network performance and QoS, particularly for LTE, whilst delivering an enhanced customer experience

The rapid increase in smartphone usage and the demand for data services has put network optimisation back at the top of the agenda – so how are you ensuring the right amount of capacity to support the unprecedented demand for mobile data services?

Telecoms IQ's Mobile Network Optimisation conference will detail the cost-effective strategies that operators are adopting to radically enhance network performance and QoS. Take this opportunity to benchmark the initiatives that are being used around the World to increase network coverage and capacity in order to optimise both the customer experience and network profitability.

Plus, as LTE trials become more and more widespread, Mobile Network Optimisation will establish how to overcome the challenges of optimising QoS and QoE during the migration to LTE. You will also find out how to develop a capacity planning strategy that will enable the simultaneous delivery of both LTE and existing services.

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Pre-Conference Mobile Video Focus Day: Monday 30th January, 2012

Post-Conference LTE Focus Day: Thursday 2nd February, 2012

Establishing how to radically enhance QoS and QoE for mobile video services

Determining how to cost-effectively optimise network capacity to support both LTE and existing services

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Telenor Norway's experience of catering network capacity and performance to enhance QoS

Kenneth Helge Molnes, Capacity & Quality Planner - WCDMA & GSM Network spoke with Telecoms IQ to discuss the current challenges and shares the experience of measuring the network capacity and performance to enhance the customer QoS at Telenor Norway.

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Industry challenges of incorporating customer experience into your network performance KPIs

Telecoms IQ welcomes Omar Rauf, Senior Manager of Network Performance at VIVA, who talks us through the biggest challenges that Telecoms industry is currently confronting in merging markets and urges operators to prepare and plan the network in anticipation of increased customer demand in order to improve customer experience

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How BH Telecom are utilising WiFi and LTE in Data Offloading

Telecoms IQ talks to Adnan Hantalasevic, Expert Associate from Technical Solution Designing at BH Telecom, about how WiFi plays a big part in the operator's offloading strategy with the increase in mobile data. Additionally, Adnan talks about how BH Telecom will start trialling LTE in Bosnia next year.

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Spectrum and LTE from Telefonica O2 Germany's viewpoint

Telecoms IQ talks to Uwe Löwenstein, Spectrum Technology Manager, Telefónica O2 Germany, about how the operator is anticipating demand in spectrum, what future spectrum is likely to become available and what the key spectrum challenges are in preparing for LTE.

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Managing the growth of data as smartphones, tablets and internet enabled TVs gain momentum

Hear what Matt and Jim from Machina Research believe operators will have to do when faced with the challenges of huge increases in mobile data as we move forward through to 2015.

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What are the costs and benefits of offloading?

Jack Hakimian, Director of Corporate Strategy at Zain Group Holding, provides a teaser for his presentation on the monetary advantages of using offloading to increase operational efficiency, as well as talking about his thoughts on near-term future progress and the best ways to stay on top of emerging trends in the industry.

Past Attendees at Mobile Network Optimisation event said:

Exchange ideas around new strategies to optimise your network that will ensure sustainability for the futureMatthias Sauder, Head of Access Engineering, Design & Optimisation, Vodafone Germany
An excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into the latest optimisation techniques to deliver enhanced network performanceGiovanni Romano, Radio Standards Coordinator, Telecom Italia
This is the must attend event to learn how to successfully optimise your networks to keep up with the growing demand for mobile broadbandElia Asensio, Head of Radio and Technology Planning, Vodafone Spain

Top five reasons to attend Mobile Network Optimisation:

  • Benefit from 14 operator case studies led by CTOs, Heads and Directors of Network Planning and Performance
  • Benchmark the initiatives that are being used around the world to radically increase network coverage and capacity
  • Take part in interactive sessions to brainstorm with peers how to optimise both the customer experience and network profitability
  • Discover how to overcome the challenges of optimising QoS and QoE during and after the migration to LTE
  • Scrutinise the effectiveness of using small cells, SON and MIMO to expand network coverage and capacity

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Mobile Network Optimisation

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